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Whale and Dolphin Watch Australia Inc. (WADWA) is the national incorporated association of Australian commercial whalewatchers and part of the:
International Alliance of Commercial Whalewatchers

The International Alliance of Commercial Whalewatchers is a network of commercial operators from around the world, gathered together for the purpose of promoting and ensuring the sustainability of the whale and dolphin watch industry.

Alliance members advocate complete protection for all species of Cetaceans and commit to best practice methods of observation and active conservation of the species.

Our working relationship with both The International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) and Greenpeace has helped us enormously to build the profile of whale watching through the Australian media. We will continue to work closely with IFAW as part of our commitment to promote our industry and our shared environmental values.


Whale and Dolphin Watch Australia Inc. aims to:
  • unite whale watching tour operators, associated businesses, along with interested persons to provide a united front against whalers who want to lift the ban on killing whales,
  • represent the interest of people from all states of Australia that have a commercial interest in watching or interpreting the actions of whales and dolphins,
  • lobby local, state and federal governments for the whale watching industry
  • have a voice on whaling at the International Whaling Commission
  • promote the industry to the public through the media and our newsletter


Advantages of Membership

Associate Membership
As an Associate Member you will be acknowledging and supporting the work of Whale and Dolphin Watch Australia Inc. You will receive access to our regular newsletter which will be posted on this website, setting out the happenings of late within WADWA and their affiliates.

Business Membership
As a Business member you will receive the benefits of the Associate Members plus a listing for your operation on this website (see current listings for examples)
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